Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to win every Garena ladder game (DotA)

To do this you must be in the opposite team of the host...

This is how its done:
- Sell all your items (I'm not kidding)

- Then buy as many branches as you can (The ones that cost 53 gold and give +1 stats)

- Drop all branches that are on your hero and hide him somewhere (You don't need hero now)

- Select your Circle of Power and press A (to pick them up) then D (to drop them) continuously (Yes that's right, just pick them up and drop)

- Keep doing this, buy more branches when you have money

That's it you will see that everyone start to scream lag like shit and they will lag more as you buy more branches

After some time (depending on the number of branches, people doing this, host's connection and PC) the well-known message will appear "Waiting for players" and the host name will be there.

Just press "drop players" and when the host drops your team automatically wins and you gain credits & exp.

Note: If 5 friends do this together, host will DC immediately.



Anonymous said...

ahaha, i do this in normal game so funny every1 keep say noob host lag dont host la kakaka

Anonymous said...

omfg tis so fun ahaha

Anonymous said...

its working garena hack russian

please fix again with 100exp in 15mins

please.. and fix with icon hacks..

Anonymous said...

LoL... why dont u just use custom kick..hahas

Anonymous said...

custom kick is only for host..
this method is for opposite team of host wakaka

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