Monday, November 30, 2009

Garena Service Maintenance


Dear Garena Community,
We would like to inform you in advance that there will be a Garena Service maintenance on Nov 30th starting from 14:00 PM until 17:00PM (GMT+8).

During the period, users will not be able to login ALL GARENA SERVICES.

Maintenance Period (in different time zone):

GMT+8: Nov 30, 14:00 PM - 17:00 PM
CET: Nov 30, 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
CST: Nov 30, 00:00 AM - 3:00 AM

Please be informed accordingly and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This scheduled maintenance is part of our continuous effort to ensure everyone will have the best gaming experience in Garena. Thank you for your cooperation and support to Garena and the entire community.

Garena Hack Update by Cqccyh

GarenaHack Version 4.57 Released!
Change Log:
-Implemented Rune Notifier.
-Stabilized the program.

Cqccyh's garena hack recently had a unstable released , causing many bugs.
After much happening , Cqccyh had finally solve all the problems and released a new version of Garena Hack with no bugs and also NEW Features!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Garena November 25th Update

Change Log:

1. Fix a problem which may cause Garena to crash when playing DotA Ladder games
2. Update the country flag of Georgia
3. Country list on registration via client is now in the correct alphabetic order
4. Fix a bug on GarenaTV which might receive wrong packet when connection is bad. Get prepared for SMM Grand Final this weekend!
5. Allow DDay, RDay, JDay maps to be played in all DDay rooms

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Garena Last Warning For Unofficial Users

GG.MaRs :
"20 Nov 2009 – We are planning to ban the next round of accounts that have been discovered to be violating our Terms of Service, by using unofficial or cracked versions of the Garena Client. This is to continue to safeguard the platform against abusive gamers and create better environment for the rest of the Garena community.

If you are still using the unofficial version, this is the last chance. Please do use official Garena otherwise your account will be banned soon."

From what I see , GG.MaRs never bullshits . So this will be really happening.
For those who are using public hacks , I strongly advice you all to be careful to avoid being banned.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

DotA Audacity

A video by Totallnewbie

Dota News 6.65 Update

Dota 6.65 will have an Updated Loadscreen, Kunkka.

Kunkka announced that there will be an updated version on LoadScreen in Dota 6.65. Changes will be based on cosmetics and some Dota fan arts. Also, he made a smoking fan art of Traxex, The Drow Ranger.

Quoting Kunkka @ PlayDota:
Hey guys,
just letting everyone know that the next version will have an updated loadscreen. edits are mainly cosmetic, nothing major. so look out for it in the next release.. =
Also, I finally got to painting single heroes of DOTA, (epic battles are way too tiring ) which are much more fun to do.
Who better to kickstart it than Traxex the Drow Ranger.
She is one of the most iconic heroes in Dota. also partly due to Icefrog's unhealthy obsession with her...
(haha, just kidding Ice)

Dota 6.65 will be filled with many new changes and not to mention suprises!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GarenaHack new features plus two

GarenaHack is now released 2 features.

- Mute hack
- Team Chat hack

Mute hack enables you to STFU a player, he can't chat.
Team Chat hack enables you to observe enemies' chat dialog.
Many imba features are implementing for Private only.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Garena Patcher v2.4

(By HackED)

Changelog :

-5 seconds and Gold Member Nag removed
-Show number ping
-Admin menu
-Show ladder record of players in ladder room
-Spam In Room Enabled
-Leave Room While Playing Enabled

Use with own risk

Download Link > MediaFire

Garena ByPass v1.0.3.4

(By HackED)

- New Image
- Brought back VCK
- Replaced VCK with Drop Hack
- Removed HideToolz and HideProcess
- Show ladder record of players in ladder room
- Spam in Room Enabled
- Leave Room while Playing Enabled
- Hack Protection Removed
- Added Launch Garena
- Added shortcut on Desktop upon installation
- Removed DLL Unloader
- Install this into original & default Garena folder

Use it with own risk and Have fun =)

Download Link > Mediafire

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dota - Nevermore The Dark Knight Returns

Enjoy =)

Garena By-pass v1.0.3.3

(by HackED)

- Replaced VCK with Drop Hack
- Added an Auto Clicker
- Removed HideToolz and HideProcess
- Show ladder record of players in ladder room
- Spam in Room Enabled
- Leave Room while Playing Enabled
- Hack Protection Removed
- Added Launch Garena (Garena Patcher v2.3)
- Added shortcut on Desktop upon installation
- Removed DLL Unloader
- Install this into original & default Garena folder

Download Link > Mediafure (temp)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Garena now supports more games

Dear Garena Gamers,

We've now implemented full support for the following new games:
- Call of Duty 6
- Borderlands
- Left 4 Dead 2

You can find rooms for these games on the latest Garena client.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Garena ladder hack v1.3c

Fake feaures:
-Instant ladder win
-30% more credits
-Drop Hack
-100% Clean (no viruses)


Nightcrawler - Dota 6.65 New hero

A sneaky ones...
You can do this with Stealth Assassin's Permanent Invisible plus either Broodmother's web or PotM's Moonlight Shadow.

Double perma-invis = Unrevealed
(More detail see DotA fact 1)

Garena Update: Fixed minor bug

Change Log:
- Fixed GarenaTV minor bug

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grab your private GarenaHack.

GarenaHack is now 30 USD (was 20 USD) due to demand of large users and many imba features are implementing.

The international payment is via PayPal or AlertPay, safe and security.
Besides, you can also purchase via Bank Transfer in Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, United Kingdom and more countries available soon.

- Undetected
- Lifetime updates
- Public Private hacks

Monday, November 9, 2009

Garena By-pass v1.0.3.2

(by HackED)

- Hack Protection removed (No need hidetoolz/hide process)

Download Link > Mediafire (temp)

Garena LagHack v2.0 released

This is a private only hack.

LagHack is built in with CustomKick function.
You can kick, lag(adjustable) or even lagdrop(pullplug) any players.
The best thing is guarantee win in ladder and no spoiler allowed.

Garena Update: GarenaTV fixed

Change Log:
- Optimized GarenaTV performance. Get ready for WCG Live stream as well as SMM DotA Grand final!

Dota - No Skill Just Epic 3


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Garena Patcher v2.2

(by HackED)

This is an update of Garena Patcher v2.0

- Admin menu revealed
- Show ladder record of players in ladder room
- Time Out. Bytes not found error removed. Not Tested

Download Link > Mediafire

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Garena Hack 5.7.2 by Russian community released.

Another leecher's releases just like EXP Hack.
Their math calculation is very simple.

Original Garena files + Garena Patcher + Garena Universal MH = Garena Hack 5.7.2

Nothing special.
Don't download it.

Garena By-pass v1.0.3.1 ladder fix beta

(by HackED)

- New layout
- Ladder problem fixed

Download Link > Mediafire

Friday, November 6, 2009

DotA: Don't eat THE TREE!!

There's a lemon tree nearby sentinel top tower, don't ever eat it :D

(Love this song? Watch Lemon tree animation with subtitles)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New DotA Ladder system now on Beta! (-so not supported)

Great news Garenians,

After a short slack and time off, Garena DotA Ladder is back! Well, not really... it's a whole new DotA Ladder system that features several unique features where we will unveil them one after another from time to time!

Because we know you guys don't want to wait longer, BETA stage is now on! We've selected a few pilot rooms to have the ladder system implemented already. If you want to get first hand try, head to the following rooms.
Note: DotA ladder system does NOT support any mode with "-so" (Switch On)

List > HERE

Garena By-pass v1.0.3.1

(by HackED)

- Removed Launch Garena
- Removed DLL Unloader
- Guaranteed safe to use (HackED said)
- Install into default Garena folder (C:\Program Files\Garena)

Download Link > Mediafire
(An update for ladder avaialble HERE)

GG.MaRs: Enjoy SMM in live with GarenaTV

GG.MaRs:GarenaTV's buffer problem will be fixed within a week, be ready to enjoy and watch incoming SMM in live.
Don't forget to cheers for your favorite team!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Garena DotA Ladder BETA Test Launched

To Garena Gamers,

We have launched a BETA test for the Garena DotA Ladder System. This is implemented in all previous DotA rooms. The levels displayed in the ladder rooms will now be your LADDER level and not your GARENA level. This means everyone will start without a level if you have not played a ladder game.

We will be slowly implementing the website in the near future to fully launch the ladder system.

Thank you,
Garena Staff

Garena Update: DotA Ladder comes very soon

Change Log:
- Fixed some potential crash issue
- Garena DotA Ladder is now ready and will be launching shortly. The empty level is not a bug. It shows the ladder level in ladder enabled rooms now instead of exp level. It is now blank since all the ladder level is 0.
- Supports 3 upcoming games: Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2, Left4Dead 2, Borderlands
- Fixed some driver loading issue in Vista and Win 7

GG.MaRs: Some bugs being fixed in the current update now.

EXP Hack v3.36 released.

Another leecher's releases just like GGSH Garena Hack.
Their math calculation is very simple.

Original Garena files + Garena Patcher + Garena Universal MH = EXP Hack v3.36

Nothing special.
Don't download it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MYM vs MCiTY Farm 4 Fame Second Blood

Nice work, it shows plot of the game.

GGregen v1.09.11 released!

(by Phroyt)

This is an update of GGregen v1.09.10

- Replaced THEMIDA with ASProtect
- Added another patch to block MH detection

Note: You can run hack without HideToolz, start wc3 before hack.

Download Link > Mediafire

Sunday, November 1, 2009

DotA - Operation Onslaught

IceFrog: Excellent video

Download Link > Sendspace

"canceL NEW maphack" is trojan

Some people just simply add TROJAN DOWNLOADER into Garena Universal Maphack then named it "canceL NEW maphack" to infects your PC.

cqccyh: "004050F0 InternetOpenUrlA WININET" and "004050F4 InternetOpenA WININET"
It is just a downloader to download a virus from other web