Monday, November 16, 2009

Garena Patcher v2.4

(By HackED)

Changelog :

-5 seconds and Gold Member Nag removed
-Show number ping
-Admin menu
-Show ladder record of players in ladder room
-Spam In Room Enabled
-Leave Room While Playing Enabled

Use with own risk

Download Link > MediaFire


Anonymous said... garena gt ppl reveal tis site

Anonymous said...

this tool inside 1.33 right??

Anonymous said...

exp hack plssss

Anonymous said...

I need exp hack admin's plsssss what ever 15/50

Anonymous said...

there cant be exp hacks now

Anonymous said...

now got so many hack can use, got garena universal mh, old gg regen, old garena patcher also can use.

tis got wat diff leh? all use b old 1 gud.

Anonymous said...

Jus a warning for all,my fren get banned becoz of using this patch

Anonymous said...

no longer works

Anonymous said...

when i open that garena patch it said Wrong file size !!
ZZZZzzzz pls tell me i really want to hack name

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