Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Internet Download Manager

(I'm using Streamyx 1.5mbps package)

Internet Download Manager is a simple yet powerful application, it offers these features:
- Download Acceleration (Up to 5 times)
- Videos grabber (YouTube, Metacafe, including any Adult videos)
- Download Resume (Even unfinished, broken, and interrupted downloads)
- A lot more (Antivirus checking, Drag and Drop, Download limits, Quick Update, Customizable Interface)

Download link > Official website or Mediafire


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ur streamyx so gud la, me here 140kB only

Anonymous said...

Sad. I'm on 124 kbps. I dont get download speeds greater than 14 kbps. Can this software increase it to like 50 kbps?

Anonymous said...

my ISP give me 1.5mbps = 1500kbps

here's how to calculate maximum speed.
8kb(bit) = 1kB(byte)

so.. 1500kbps / 8 = 187kB maximum

but my picture is 191kB thats when my connection is really good.

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