Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DotA Allstars v6.64 released!


Download Link > Official website or Mediafire


Anonymous said...

imba phaseboot

Anonymous said...

Power Treads:
Boots of Speed (500)
Boots of Elvenskin or Belt of Giant Strength or Robe of the Magi (450)
Gloves of Haste (500)
Total: 1450

+60 MS
+10 Any Attribute
+25 IAS

Phase Boots:
Boots of Speed (500)
2x Blades of Attack (1000)
Total: 1500

+70 Movement Speed
+24 Damage
Phase (Active)

nice ^^

Anonymous said...

undying nerf vt gg
str n int drop
sumore "Fixed Glyph from affecting Tombstone"

Anonymous said...

balanar just ulti cd abit, not really a buff <_<

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