Saturday, October 17, 2009

Garena payment site maintenance on Oct 20

Dear Garena gamers,

We'd like to inform everyone in advance that we will have a system maintenance for our Garena payment site on October 20, 2009 from 9:30 am to 12:30 noon GMT + 8. During the maintenance, users will not be able to visit the payment website, thus top ups, payment transactions and balance check will not be available. We will upgrade our system and take this opportunity to also improve the user interface and purchase flow to make your payment experience easy, fast and secure.

Payments and top ups for other games like Freesky, and other web games will not be affected by this downtime.

The new and improved payment site is expected to be back up by 12:30 noon on the same day with all payment gateways accessible.

Thank you and please be guided accordingly.

Garena Team

Delay to Oct 22.


Anonymous said...

i never buy a thing from Garena ;)

Anonymous said...

Garena so noob so many hack still got people want to buy meh? Those who buy must be more noob.

Anonymous said...

Garena banned my account when I open maphack, I bought GGShell and bought unban card but still got problem in logging in. I report to their forum moderator / GM no 1 reply me!!!!! _|_ Nah garena. Fuck you garena.

Anonymous said...

not good to buy from garena unban card you are only spend your moneys just goldmember on garena its good. If they want can ban all who use garena hack but they will got low people on garena, so they will ban them 2-3 days to make people to buy unban card . Just a scam

Anonymous said...

no more new news?

Anonymous said...

it means peace ^^

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