Friday, October 9, 2009

GGRegen v1.0

(by Phroyt)

As promised here's another handy tool.
It's based on another approach to bypass Garena AntiHack Engine.

- Undetected
- Enable any hacks (hidetoolz required)
- Remove 5 seconds
- Remove GoldMember nag

- Open any hacks
- Run hidetoolz on it
- Open Garena (Doesn't matter login or not)
- Run GGregen
- Find Garena process in the list, then Regenerate it
- Done, you can close it
- Start your game and enjoy

Download Link > Mediafire
An updated version available HERE...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

u r fast

Anonymous said...

so mafan

Anonymous said...

thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Not a good program.. It need to use a HideToolz to hide the process of the hack:(

Anonymous said...

yeah i hate use so many things to open 1hack
thanks for sharing anyway keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

my eset are notice this one are virus...

wrong report?

Anonymous said...

ty but universal still best, no nid any bypass xD

Anonymous said...

hidetoolz is a well-known bypass tool but still many antivirus detect it as virus, just false report, dont mind it.

Anonymous said...

got a window virus not safe

Anonymous said...

also only advantage of this tool is.. it hide any hacks included blackshot.. other game.. not limited to war3 only

Anonymous said...

If you're Warcraft III player just use Garena Universal MapHack, that's it.

Blackshot? CS? Ok you can have this to hide your hack.

Anonymous said...

if tis is a forum

i will say..

topic closed lol

Anonymous said...

yep thx for share anyway

Anonymous said...


cqccyh said...

close & delete GengineXXXX service thats all

not big trick enough

if they active the driver when Garena started instead of game started or check the serivce status. this method will be useless

anyway I have a much better method in Ring 3 , very similar to the one you used, but instead I took the handle of the driver program, Hooking startservice and added a close driver method

you could try

Garena anti hack system is very weak and disappointed, I wish I could take a part of the team and make the strongest Ring0 anti hack defence system just like Nprotection

Anonymous said...

from cqccyh explantion seems lik tat's safe undetected

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


phroyt said...


GEngine uses a driver to hook Ring3 and Ring0.
Remove this hook on Win XP SP1 & SP2 is Easy.
Only restore de SDT and all is gone.
You don't need either to stop driver.

But Vista and newer OS don't accept unsigned drivers and Kernel land access on User land.

I don't stop the service driver.
As you can see it still running, but in pending status.
Until GG_Protection device is closed.
It's only marked for deletion too.
So windows removes the garbage after shutdown.
Stopping the driver and removing the GG_Protection handle will cause a crash on Garena.

My tool is indeed to Garena
If they change it all is gone too.

An advanced user, don't need any Crack or Hack.
Just Process Hacker and Kernel Detective.
But I made this to normal users.

The only solution to Garena is to use some warden approach:
Watch the offsets and advice the other users in game that this user is a Cheater. Even need to BAN.
Maybe a drop like -ah switch.

Nice to see that you take your time to check this out.


Anonymous said...

What GarenaHack have show real'IP function?

I find many GarenaHack not a show real'IP function

Who know this function GarenaHack tell me please

Anonymous said...

safe but troublesome step..

Anonymous said...

Plz.CHeck.This gonna VIRUS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

please check it, virus!??

Anonymous said...

this is not virus, just the code similar to virus then antivirus consider it is virus.

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