Friday, October 23, 2009

Garena Bans 2nd Batch of Maphack Users

We are banning the 2nd batch of accounts that have been discovered to be violating our Terms of Service, by using maphacks on Garena. The bans on the accounts will be effective immediately. This is to continue to safeguard the platform against abusive gamers and create a better environment for the rest of the Garena community.

This round we have banned over 5000 accounts.

Here are some helpful tips you can take to avoid getting banned.

1) Practice caution in letting other people use or borrow your account. They might be using a cracked version on the game. If they logged in your account using a cracked version, your account will get banned as well.

2) Check out the Garena version being used in cyber or LAN cafes. If it's a cracked version, DO NOT LOG IN with your account. You can help other gamers by informing the cafe owners to uninstall the cracked version and use the official Garena platform.

3) Avoid visiting Garena crack websites. As it's in the nature of their website to defraud and attack other programs, they might be aiming for your account as well.

4) Never try any maphacks. Make sure your warcraft file is safe and not injected. If you are not sure, please download the 1.24b patch from Blizzard site

Always remember to download the official Garena version from website, Do not accept any files sent to you claiming to be official versions. This might compromise your account and lead to a ban. If you are unsure of your version, you can uninstall and re-download the Garena client on the website.

Take note that the Time on the ban info page is only the time when we do the manual banning. This is not the time the maphackers are using the hacks.

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Anonymous said...

im gonna crazy, keep ban ban ban zzz

Anonymous said...

knn ccb my high level acc list inside liao

Anonymous said...

same la fk lvl 31 gone

Anonymous said...

Oh my fuck God... somebody save us

Anonymous said...

wrong, somebody call 911....

Anonymous said...

this is song u fool stop it

Anonymous said...

time to hack unban.... GXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

lol if got then gg

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