Sunday, October 11, 2009

GGregen v1.0.10 released!

(by Phroyt)

This is an update of GGregen v1.0

- Removed virus (false positive)
- Added show real ping

- Undetected
- Enable any hacks (hidetoolz required)
- Remove 5 seconds
- Remove GoldMember nag

- Open any hacks (If you want maphack, then you need hidetoolz)
- Run hidetoolz on it
- Open Garena (Doesn't matter login or not)
- Run GGregen
- Find Garena process in the list, then Regenerate it
- Done, you can close it
- Start your game and enjoy

Download Link > Mediafire (GGregen)
Download Link > Mediafire (HideToolz)
An updated version available HERE...


Anonymous said...

thx 1st blood

Anonymous said...

cracked garena will lead u to ban in next banlist.

but ggregen and universal mh wont, both of this is undetected

Anonymous said...

A nice trick to save time...

Open Garena > GGregen > Generate > Login Garena
now you have remove 5s, and show real ping yahoo

For maphack?
just use Garena Universal MapHack.

Anonymous said...

yea tis is better than garena patcher

Anonymous said...

god cant use any boring

Anonymous said...

since today universal maphack cant work anymore..Wonder what the problem?anyone can tell me?

HackED said...

Lol, i gave him the offset for showing real pings yesterday

sufi. said...

can this GGRegen also give Mega EXP?

Anonymous said...

vy nice thx

Anonymous said...

love it... no 5secs and buy GM ect.. plus MH ^^

Jason said...

Will this work wif Universal MapHack? if u didnt launch HideToolz

Anonymous said...

maphack can be activated by running hidetoolz from it

Anonymous said...

my anti-virus detected virus in hidetoolz T_T

Anonymous said...

Please be aware some anti-virus detections HideToolz driver as a rootkit - this is basically correct, except HideToolz contains no payload, does not access any network api, etc... if you doubt, disasm the driver yourself.

Anonymous said...

nice hack ever

Anonymous said...


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