Thursday, September 24, 2009

cqccyh's Private GarenaHack strikes again!

Here is cqccyh's comment for GarenaHack 5.7 (Updated), also he leaked some Private GarenaHack info.

cqccyh: Even megaexp is working , you can't use them on your old account because this hack is detected by hidden checker.
So you will pay 49 GG shells for 10k exp LOL
For now, go create some dummy accounts and enjoy maphack.
Thats all this hack can do.

Btw I have figured out hidden checker, and all my accounts are safe in second & third banlist.
I'm just having fun to watch those people who uses Russian Community's hacks and fear to get ban :)

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Anonymous said...

cqccyh, thank you for clarify this.

I won't risk my main account to test megaexp now.
Thanks alot.

MH-ing atm xD

Anonymous said...

i dun lik u, anyway stil thx for the info.

using dummy acc.

Mr.CB said...

LoL.. megaexp 101% cant work.. Dont belief?
Try this:
1."space" then press enter for username
2."space" then press enter for UID
lets see if the threads are connected or not^^
still dun belieF? open ur account, add another as friend.. if megaexp work, u shud able to see megaexp account online whn 8threads connected..
If u cant see it online, just turn off ur com and save some electric bill=)

Anonymous said...

i just hope u guys hacker can teach us how to crack it , so next time we all no need wait so long time ...@_@

Anonymous said...

think you only know the hidden checker im making a deal to you before about using any hack on garena and you dont reply know im gonna make may own hack lol moments later there will be a release

Anonymous said...

woah, tat hack gonna b wat name?

Anonymous said...

okay thanks for the info, we have a better understanding now

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