Thursday, September 24, 2009

cqccyh teaches hostbot with Garena

1. You need to download GhostOne from HERE

2. Set up GhostOne in option menu for:
- your warcraft 3 path
- your Garena path (must be orginal)
- your map path

3. Start GhostOne, start Garena, click Hook Garena from option menu
(GhostOne will appear a message in main menu to say hook successful)
4. Join a room and open war3

5. In GhostOne map menu select a map and click create map config then click load map

6. Click rename set map name to dota663b

7. Go back to main menu in GhostOne command line type : load dota663b (some info will appeared)
then type: pudg omfg
(will say create game successful)

8. Back Warcraft III, you will see a host name: omfg
Join and have fun :)

cqccyh: I'll upload my settings and video later
GhostOne has support Garena now, as you can see it has Hook Garena option.
100% safe, checked with Garena Admin.

Video tutorial released!


Anonymous said...

f the source codes are displayed like this, then it may lead to ban

Anonymous said...

the config is pretty easy ones.

also hostbot wont be banned, why?
because Garena's dotaleague rooms all pro using hostbot.

Yes moderator use hostbot for event.

Anonymous said...

Not understand==
Wats mean by hostbot?

Anonymous said...

like u host game in warcraft III, then got 9 slot left. (1 is u)

if use hostbot, there will be 10 slot blank.
That game is host by bot, usually they use this to host competitive dota game for same and fair delay.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Btw...Ghost actually needs a real cd key to host games(can use on crack garena)
cause it logs into battlenet and host the game...

and admin can also put your own garena name cause

when u hook,for u it looks like the bot hosted.
but for the garena peeps, your garena acc is the one that hosted the games like normal ppl would

and sadly...Ghost actually has ck which would throw ppl off almost instantly...and u cant get ban using Ghost cause its not a hack( does not let u use 1 either)

Anonymous said...


i tried ghost++ @ garena before, but it always host emerald garden(12).w3x

need to join emerald garden game then type admin command oni can rehost to dota...

how to solve tis?

Anonymous said...

wad u talking abt is probably the admin game

u can disable the admin game in the settings
i haven tried yet but u can maybe delete the map.cfg and replace it by rename ur dota663.cfg to map.cfg.then it mite host dota as admin game(not sure)

Anonymous said...

set ok

but garena can't open!

Anonymous said...

yea tats admin game, need go in admin game 1st, then only can set public game =.=

u use ghostone, i use ghost++
i dunno~

Anonymous said...

fast gv me video link, i wan youtube

Anonymous said...

will get ban?

Anonymous said...

i cannot create a map cfg for dota 6.66

Anonymous said...

i keep getting the UDPCMDSOCK] could not relay cmd [ blah blah blah[]: server unknown

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