Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garena New Forum

We’re revamping our forum at the moment.
The new forum will be online later today (September 22, 2009) at 3:00 pm GMT +8.
Get ready for a big surprise! See you in the new forum…

Garena Community Team.

Delayed to 8:00 pm GMT +8



Anonymous said...

oh my God man when i entered the forum i thot i have been ban when this masseg apper

" You do not have permission to access this page "

i didnt complete the hole masseg cuz i scard
lol thnx for the new's

Anonymous said...

alrdy 4pm, garena still not open yet , lazy zzz

checky01 said...

4pm .. zzz.. late

Anonymous said...

but can c garena forum's background use laser light ady

Anonymous said...

next time c garena maintenance.
we can go sleep sure delay lik fuck

Anonymous said...

So I can edit my profile when the forum is up. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

gg, really delay jo

[-Adam-] said...

LOL suddenly 8pm!

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