Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warning: Don't use any cracked Garena with 5secs removed

Last night GarenaHack-er released "Garena Host Edition" with 5secs removed
then it instantly been DETECTED and BANNED everyone using that.

Today, some leecher released "GarenaHack 5.7 - Tiger Edition" with 5secs removed

17 Setp, some leecher released "Garena Hack [-Xtreme-] v5.0 Remade" with 5secs removed
Same story.

Garena put a hidden checking to detect cracked Garena.
Even CQCCYH don't know there's a trap, what about those unknown leecher's hack?

For now, don't try any cracked Garena, it's a 100% banned.


Anonymous said...

omg! even the EXP Hack v3.35.0.2 RUS can ban our acc?!whta the hell hapen to the programers of garena?

plz try to detect the hiden detection of cracked
garenas and make if undected and make a safe cracked garena!im waiting!

Anonymous said...

i never test exphack v3.35, wait english only try, now try sure wan make new account, lazy!!!!!

dont worry, cqccyh said alrdy gt new method to make it real undetectable, he say juz wait.

i guess tat will b private, then garenahack-er crack it? kekekeke

Anonymous said...

Not entirely true. I'm using Garena's Anti hack bypass and I'm able to MH successfully. Lets see how long I can do it before they fix that one too.

Anonymous said...

ya men..waiting for new hack

Anonymous said...

i using Garena Host Edition and i never be banned .

Anonymous said...

from wat i know, they dont ban u if using newly cr8 level 1 account, they will juz ignore the record.

will wait couple days to bait ur all main acc out then take action.

Anonymous said...

juz lik cqccyh's private users, they oso say never been banned before.

until garena record all n take action @ 1 time.

all GG.

He said...

anti hack by pass no longer works,i have tried many times ,garena automaticlly quits after unloading Gengine.dll. cry~~~~~!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please post a new bypass garena hack-er

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