Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garena Update: Ladder starts in Taiwan

Change Log:
- Enforced 1.24b in more regions and rooms
- New DotA Ladder starts beta test in Taiwan

Oh my gosh.. just like last time, Garena update right away after hack released.
If you're using dummy account with no worries, just simply replace new updated plugin.gzz, GEngine.dll, and CTSys.dll with the old ones.
Or use Universal MapHack

If your country is lucky enforced to be 1.24b, download it HERE.

- UPDATE 2 -
Garena paused this update due to some bugs, and earthquake.
There's no update now.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info .

ET_ChAI said...

does universal mh still working??

Anonymous said...

where to download to replace new update???

Anonymous said...

juz use universal mh la, so mafan!

Anonymous said...

for me, i juz use russian/tiger to bypass 5secs, then use universal MH same only.

Anonymous said...

wat the use of garena/dlls/CTSys.dll?

Anonymous said...

original dll will block u use mh, so need replace old edited dll then mh work again. but update stop ady so nvm juz use b old 1

Pig said...

I just wan to noe that, like Gengine is check for the use of mh or crack while mdata.ggz is the content of the sensitive maphack e.g. shadow french mh. plugin.ggz is protection of dll files in plugin/game or UI, then wats use of garena/dlls/CTSys.dll? Can explain any specific usage?

Anonymous said...

vipautopro a leecher crack that claim as detected, it doesn't bypass hidden checker and then evyone abandon it thats why nobody really know exist of this noob hack.

but hey, its good for some hongkong dog because its not so famous then dog pick this rubbish and gv ppl eat again.

but before gv ppl eat, dog plus some
russian community's changelog
- AntiGuard GGC (A beta way to avoid ban)
- Added W3XCustomKick

thats it, then this leecher > leecher > leecher released v2.0 done.
copy never original, nor better.
they leecher dont even know what is hidden checker, use it and wait ban for sure.

Anonymous said...

but 1 thing most happy is dog admited pick this rubbish from international's recycle bin. hahahaha

OMG said...

Really? Good to see that.

Anonymous said...

indo earthquake...

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