Friday, September 25, 2009

cqccyh's prophecy.

cqccyh: I just tested Garena new version (beta)
I think the cracks will be end in the next version!

Garena Universal MapHack just modify game.dll in Warcraft III
Not a big trick enough, be aware =D


Anonymous said...

so here comes the GarenaHack generation?

Anonymous said...

lolx.. i hope u could released a garenahack wit no imba language.. safe to use.. ==!! thx alot.. =D

Anonymous said...

i would like to ask...
Can u make the garena hack wit changing the garena name..

Anonymous said...

So does this mean the end of cracks, mh's and hacks on Garena? No more unfair play?

cqccyh is a hoe said...

Umm where did he get Garena New Version?

Anonymous said...

i think cqccyh hv sum position in garena..
premium or contributor sum sort lik tat
so he can test pre-version

Anonymous said...

auto extract game.dll is unsafe?
why say so?
just want to ask and understand only..
explain for me ya..

Anonymous said...

game.dll is Warcraft III's file.

he edit game.dll then after u close mh, it change back to normal game.dll

safe for now, not sure future

aDaM said...

From maybe?

Anonymous said...

lol, thats vy old version "august"
they high position ppl lik moderator premium member can test beta i think

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