Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garena Banned list released!

Keeping up with the constant effort to provide the best environment and gaming experience for our users, we are banning accounts in the past few days.

These users are the ones that are still using the unofficial version of Garena.

Using unofficial versions of Garena can serverly compromise the security of your account, so avoid downloading non-official versions of the client.

List > Here


Anonymous said...

i got 4 accounts, 2 use megaEXP, 1 use spam/mh/ck, 1 is original.

4 also safe ;)

Anonymous said...

my megaEXP acc is level 40++
never ban ;)

i wonder how they consider as "unofficial" version.

Anonymous said...

my 2 accs have banned

Zero said...

I've been using Garena Hack for two months now, and I've never been banned even to this day.

Even more so the fact that I'm a gold member

Anonymous said...

u noe wat? i c a cqccyh private gold member megaexp til level 71 now banned hahahahaha

so happy to c them pay to ban

Anonymous said...

lol! at garena forum many banned members keep post say now all rooms is inactive after banned list release.
say garena want gg ady, no $$ earn.

then GG.MaRs said "For your info Garena has 20 million registered users and now only about 2000 of the bad people are banned. I seriously doubt this could make Garena inactive"


Anonymous said...

all the members who got banned are gold members , they lost they money just like that , and ppl who like me bought gold member 4 years and upgrade clan 7 times and change name 9 times and change clan name and tag clan name 5 times lost alot of money , garena making this so they can earn more money , CHINESE PPL.

Anonymous said...

tis is reply from GG.MaRs i just copy paste from forum.

yes u did topup a lot but on the other hand you used the cracks.

I believe most of the people banned are basic members instead of gold member.

Anonymous said...

A friend used his visa to buy me goldmembership, after 1 week, i got banned...stupid shit. nice work garena,,fuck tards

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