Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warning: Garena is very evil & aggressive

Recently Garena is very evil & aggressive!

They put hidden checking to record if you're using unofficial or cracked Garena, then they don't banned you instantly and bait more of you accounts out as you thought it's working.

When time is right, they banned all together in once yesterday and twice today.

I saw a lot of unknown GarenaHacks keep release non-stop, and I'm here to tell you...
Don't download & try it's just waste of time!
Of course it works, but your UID & actions will be record, and you will be banned later.

For now, just wait for "new SAFE hack"
Not keep on trying "new DETECTED hack"


Anonymous said...

wow evil garena hate garena

Anonymous said...

fk u garena WOOOHOO

Jenn said...

i like Tom&Jerry

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Walao didn't know that

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