Sunday, September 20, 2009

Private GarenaHack is now undetectable

Flash back when Garena GG-Client still worrying how to get more traffic & users, hacker uses the method of edit Garena.exe. (CRC changed)

Quick explanation - CRC is like a fingerprint of the file, just like humans will never have same person with same fingerprint.

After GG-Client got plenty of traffic and users, they changes name to Global-Arena, or "G"arena.

"G"arena was eager of money, they starts sale products like 1 year GoldMember, Clothes, Ladder reset, Clan enlarge, and many more.

They still act like a pig, purposely let hacker removes the 5 seconds join room.
Why? They wants you to enjoy the feel how you can benefit from GoldMember's instant join room.
(That time not many people buy GoldMember)

Then when "G"arena uses CRC hidden checker against hacker, no more 5 seconds removed, this can attract you to buy GoldMember.
(This is what happened recently)

Introduction end, now Private GarenaHack.
cqccyh uses a driver maphack and make a same level hack that reverse what the GEngine.dll has done.
Garena could do NOTHING on it.

In future, cqccyh's GarenaHack will be cracked again eventually :)
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Anonymous said...

where the link to download?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can giv me the dl link......thx

Anonymous said...

this is private

In future, cqccyh's GarenaHack will be cracked again eventually :)

Anonymous said...

u can find v4.11 trial at tis blog n download, but private need username n pass

wait ppl crack

Anonymous said...

good to hear private user gt banned bahahaha

but tis is new version, no ppl banned so far, wait 3batch banned list

3rY@n said...

so we go wat website to buy the linked?

Anonymous said...

3Ry@n said...

can call to change those payment by using phone credit or MOL point?
i cant use those credit cards cause I'm not enuf age to have it

Anonymous said...

maybe u shud contact flar3star?

hes from malaysia cqccyh's agent

Anonymous said...

flar3star is a nothing but a noob sales doggy..
he duno anytng abt programming and oni offer payment method rather thn paypal ONLY..

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