Monday, September 21, 2009

DotA Allstars v6.63b released!

- Fixed an exploit possible with Puck
- Armlet recipe now changed to include Quarterstaff instead of Blades of Attack (bonuses and total price unaffected)
- Fixed Wrath of Nature from targeting couriers
- Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear's entangle and overgrowth
- Fixed Heart icon on the endgame scoreboard
- Undid a couple of the fun names recently added
- Fixed a rare abuse that could cause other users performance to drop

Download Link > Official website or Mediafire


Anonymous said...

so fast update, nice 1

Anonymous said...

arrrr, i go then come b here for mediafire =.=

Anonymous said...

sry to ask but...wad was tis bug fixed abt spirit bear?? like more details anyone noes?

Anonymous said...

both entangle and overgrowth share same based skill.

they will extend each other.

Anonymous said...

what does the "Fixed an exploit possible with Puck" mean?

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