Sunday, September 27, 2009

cqccyh's Garena hostbot tutorial

Sad thing is, it will be reported as virus too.
Reason: This video maker program always been used for making hack tutorial, so this thing has been added to antivirus databases as well.

No virus 100%, approved (DailyNeeded scanned with Kaspersky 2009, clean!)
PS: In the video I used GarenaHack to help, but actually you can hook without GarenaHack.

Download Link > Megaupload


Anonymous said...

No virus?


Then why not just upload it to any streaming site, or just make an movie, and not a stupid exe WITH a movie...

No way it's just a movie

Anonymous said...

you know, to make a good streaming video u need alot of works. make HD record(almost GB size) then convert to lower quality need time again.

it's easy to make this for detail lik text.

Anonymous said...

it juz lik flash, easy and clear.
save time, i understand :)

asa said...

OMG please share link about the cracked kapersky

Anonymous said...

i used to be pirate user.. but then kaspersky blacklist vy quickly

so i bought it now, 1 year haha

Anonymous said...





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