Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reason of why Cqccyh's private users got banned

Yes, all of Cqccyh's private users are banned.

cqccyh: nothing is undetectable if it is in public
if they put a hidden checking just like what they did to cracked garena
then ban the users after couple of days
what u gona do?
well i can make a cracked garena without any offset writting and etc
it is for real undetactable
just wait

GarenaHack-er: GarenaHack private 4.07 was not public :) They banned users using that version only.
Don't blame it on me, Cqccyh :)
GarenaHack-er: GarenaHack v3.3 Remade does not use a cracked garena version and it doesn't crack Garena. With Garena Anti-Hack ByPass it's safe for now.
(Detected after Garena 17 September update)


Anonymous said...

from what i see, either cqccyh is the one report them, or garenahack-er make garenahacl private 4.07 public to garena.

anyway, its correct tat i choose garenahack-er

Anonymous said...

weeeee too bad for him

Anonymous said...

i got banned LOL

Anonymous said...

I choose PUDGE666

Anonymous said...

i choose you, pikachu

vigoss said...

we need exp hack plz give me

vigoss said...

give me a exp hack

GHYENG said...

Private user 2 is not a private user ...
I never buy cqccyh private version because I never trusted him.
Only my friends using it...

I trust GarenaHack-er

Anonymous said...

dude i am a pvt u5er cqccyh and i got baned thnk to u :@

Anonymous said...

1st: Garena updated its server and not client update at 15th Sept(dey used some sort of hidden CRC check tat make all users using cracks and hacks online at that moment got banned)
2nd: Cq is a good programmer and there is nothing wrong collecting fee for ur software(Blame microsoft for selling windows? ask Bill to give u a free copy larr!!@#$%^)
3rd: Im a private user with a 70+ account and its still alive... reason?-I DIDNT ONLINE AT TAT TIME!!!
4th: garena doesnt ban ppl for fun, its for earning money(Ban appeal cards)
5th: If ur so called garenahack-er can make hacks, why dont he make one himself and collect 10USD? more ppl can buy and he can earn.. reason?-he dont have the time and effort and knowledge..

Correct me if im wrong

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